Meet the Pegasi, Louisiana’s one and only White Shire Team

The Pegasus business model is a little different than that of other carriage companies.  We provide private hire, specials-only service and as such our animals enjoy a fairly light work load, and a lot of communal leisure time.  We are extremely protective of our horses and their well being.  It is imperative that our customers understand that the horses are our top priority and their health, safety, and happiness is never compromised.  Our horses are our partners in work and members of our family, they are treasured by the communities they serve.  They are precious, they are special and it is our mission to ensure that we operate a humane and ethical business in order to see that these horses enjoy a very high standard of living.  The horses come first before all else.  They deserve nothing less.

These beautiful, purebred, registered English Shires where the first of their kind in the state of Louisiana.  They were sourced from highly regarded breeders from only the very finest show stock.  They were selected for beauty, temperament and intelligence.  We do not discriminate by gender and both mares and geldings are used, all measuring between 17.2 and 18 hands in height, all weighing between 1800 and 2000 lbs., they are truly gentle giants.  These are not typical work horses.  They are fancy, pedigreed, highly educated professionals.  They are unique, rare and very special.  They are passionately loved by their owners, the Wilcox Family.  They are friendly, obedient, and most importantly safe and trustworthy, particularly where children are concerned.  They have many years of specialized training and experience that puts them in a class by themselves.  Without further ado, meet The Shires:





Pegasus Pony Team

Featuring beautiful Welsh and Welsh cross ponies in our incredible four in hand pony team. COMING SOON!

Light Teams

Sometimes you just need a horse of a different color.  Pegasus also offers two beautifully matched light horse teams, chestnut Arabian mares and black gaited geldings.

**This gallery is still under construction. The teams are still in training.**